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Christa Doran MS, NSCA-CPT
Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Coach, Tuff Girl

I’m Christa Doran, and
I empower women with fitness. Not sure exactly what I mean by that? Don’t worry. I’ll explain.

I could have just introduced myself by telling you that I’m a trainer with 10+ years of experience, a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy and a personal trainer certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.
While all that is true, it doesn’t communicate my passion well enough, and it doesn’t get to the heart of why I love what I do.

Every day, I have the privilege of guiding more than 350 Tuff Girls–strong, amazing women–as they work towards their personal fitness and wellness goals.
Each woman has her own unique story, but they share a common goal: to be the best versions of themselves that they can be, regardless of where they are on their journeys.
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I give these women the tools they need–challenging workouts, motivation to push beyond their perceived limits, instruction on proper form, and nutrition tips and resources to properly fuel their bodies–so they can reach their goals, and keep getting better. I encourage them to step out of their comfort zones, to push harder, to move faster, to lift heavier, to give more.

Every day, I help women conquer fears and challenges they once thought were insurmountable. I help them do things they never thought they could, and I help them see how this sense of empowerment can carry over into every aspect of their lives. I help, and I guide, but they do the work. Women of every size, shape, and fitness level come to my gym to put in the hard work and sweat; they make the
choices and the sacrifices; they create the positive changes by doing things they have never done before; they transform their lives through their own efforts.

To inspire that kind of a
transformation in a woman’s life is such an honor, and it’s why I love what I do. It’s the reason I started Tuff Girl Fitness in May, 2009.

Of course, I had to earn my title as the original Tuff Girl! I wouldn’t even consider being a role model and fitness coach unless I had undergone my own transformation.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to be a fitness educator and trainer. I played sports
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throughout my high school and college years, and was an avid runner in my 20′s, often running 6+ miles almost daily. While I was always “fit,” I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Over the years, through my research, ongoing education, and personal experience, I’ve gradually refined my training, moving away from running and into High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and lifting progressively heavier weights.

After the birth of my second daughter, I got real with myself about my food and eating habits, and committed to clean, portioned eating 90% of the time. I’ve continued to tweak my eating and training habits to best fuel my body, build serious muscle, and get lean.

I put in the work and made the sacrifices necessary to truly earn my best body,
a body most women would say was impossible to achieve.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not impossible.It’s hard, and you will struggle, but I am here to help. I’ll be there with you every step of the way, motivating you to
stop making excuses and start making changes, to give more, to push yourself further than you’ve ever gone.Hard work pays off. If you’re not willing to work, don’t expect the results. The best things in life take time and patience, and I believe that there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.I know from first hand experience that the journey is not easy, but it is worth it. YOU are worth it, and I believe in you.

I’m here to help you earn your best body. I want you to live your life in a body you love. A body that is strong enough to do any task you demand of it. A body that allows you to feel confident in the outfit of your choice. A body that feels amazing all day long and has the energy to keep up with your to-do list. A body that carries you through this life with strength, power and confidence.
You deserve the best life, and the best body that you are willing to work for. You deserve to feel the power that comes from pushing beyond what you thought was possible. But there are no handouts on this journey. You have to earn it.

Are you ready? There’s a Tuff Girl inside of you. You better bring her.
I hope to train with you soon!
In Strength,
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Christa Doran

Beauty. Brains. Brawn.
Be a Triple Threat

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